Healthy Working: MOVE

A free online resource to help us inform our children about the unhealthy use of technology and the effects of poor posture.

As new technology continues to offer us lots of amazing devices that do incredible things, our understanding of what their long-term use can do to our bodies has failed to keep pace. Children use computers, tablets and smartphones in ways that would not be acceptable for adults in the workplace. These activities pose serious threats to their long-term health particularly as children's bodies are still developing.

Healthy Working MOVE, Developed by Cardinus and Health & Safety Laboratory, consists of free e-learning for students of all ages and an accompanying eBook for parents and teachers with advice on how to protect children in the classroom and at home.

72% of primary
school children have
suffered back or neck pain in
the past year.
64% of secondary
school children have
suffered back or neck pain in
the last year.
Children as young as 15 have shown posture related
early arthritic changes on x-

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